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Solar panels are a great addition to any home or business, looking to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their energy bills. Nevertheless, they do come with some potential noisy & damaging neighbours.

Your solar panels could be at risk. Pigeons and other birds, can cause extreme damage to your solar panels.


Birds Can Be Noisy, Messy

Most homeowners will notice when Birds are nesting under the Solar panels due to the Noise (Chirping, Scurrying & Scratching around), This can be irritating and cause sleepless nights which in turn affects physical well-being.

Birds Decrease the efficiency of you Solar Panels

Pigeon/Seagull droppings and the associated debris caused by the presence of birds and their nests can cover your solar panels and reflect valuable light and so reduce the efficiency of your PV panels.

Birds can cause significant damage to Solar PV Panels

Pigeon droppings contain high levels of acidity, which can cause erosion to wires, and even damage the surface of your solar panels. Birds can also bite through the wires, and scratch the surface of your solar panels.

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  • Removal of Bird nesting, Dropping & Debris
  • PV Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Bird Proofing
  • Super-hydrophilic PV Solar Panel Coating
  • Gutter & Downpipe clearance and Vacuum

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