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All roofs are susceptible to Moss growth, but Moss is particularly damaging to tiled roofs.
If left unchecked, it can lead a number of serious long-term issues.
Not only will Moss make your roof look unsightly, it can cause long-term structural damage and block your drainage system.

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We use a range of award-winning soft-wash products & bespoke tooling to remove all Moss, Lichen and Algae not only from your roofs surface but right into the Rhizome's that are burrowed into your roofing tiles .

  • .DDAC
  • .BAC50
  • .Sodium Hypochloride
  • .Steam

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Mechanical/clean scrape removes unsightly Surface moss and any other surface organic growth.

Biocidal wash cleans & removes algae, lichen, right down into the rhizomes and continues to keep cleaning for up-to 18 months until all organic growth is removed.

Revive-a-Roof ® is a Superhydrophobic, Breathable Weatherproofing System that will keep your roof dry and avoid deterioration of the roofing substrate associated with damp roofing surfaces; ie organic growth, Spalling; Damaged caused by frost (or frost attack) is the process through which water enters the porous structure of a tile. When the water freezes, the volumetric expansion of the water causes internal pressures within the tile that lead to it crumbling or spalling over numerous wetting cycles.

Superhydrophobic Coatings are Energy Trust endorsed Products. Studies have shown that just 5% moisture in a porous Substrate; ie roofing tiles reduces their thermal efficiency by 50%

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